Who We Are

Established in 2010

Created by Jeffery Fedor Jr. and Jonathan Saris, Man Up Lacrosse LLC was started to help grow the game of lacrosse throughout Northeast Ohio! To meet the growing demand of the fastest sport on two feet, we offer Fall and Winter indoor leagues as well as Summer Tournament teams. This gives the opportunity to those players who are truly dedicated to the sport the chance to keep a stick in their hand year round!

Since 2010, over one thousand individual lacrosse players have played in Man Up Lacrosse leagues and travel teams!  And, with the continued growth of the sport, we look forward to hosting many more in future years!

- Jeffery Fedor

Our Mission

We want to help grow the game of lacrosse throughout Northeast Ohio by coaching, teaching, and educating players to become the best they can be on and off the field.


Our philosophy is simple, provide lacrosse opportunities year round to players. That's why we hold fall and winter leagues to help improve fundamentals, while our summer teams compete at a high level to work on gameplay unique scenarios.


Started in 2010 by Jeffery Fedor Jr. and Jonathan Saris, Man Up Lacrosse LLC has served over 1,800 players by helping them develop and improve their skills and ultimately advance their enjoyment of the sport.

Recruiting Process

As a member of a college staff for four years I’m always willing to discuss and help players who are looking to continue their playing career at the next level.​

Jeffery Fedor

It is very important to note that not all college teams recruit the same way. Division I, for example, starts their recruiting process VERY early in a players development and tends to start preliminary discussions with these highly talented players entering into their Sophomore season. Division II and Division III tend to start their process as a player enters into their Junior season. Again, recruiting practices vary greatly from program to program. What is incredibly important is that as a player, you truly hold a lot of power when it comes to recruitment and the path that could lead to you joining a college team!

If you are entering into your Senior season and have not been contacted by way of college recruitment you may feel that the dream is over. IT IS NOT! The best thing you can do as a player is to visit the lacrosse website from schools that you are considering and fill out their player profile / questionnaire. These go directly to the coaching staff and notify the staff of your interest.

Each recruiting process is slightly different. Please contact Coach Fedor directly if you’d like to have an assessment of what recruiting path best fits your specific needs.

From here a member of the staff will more often than not get in contact with you and personally discuss with you your interest, player statistics, and your future at the college or university. I always find myself telling players and parents that the best thing to do when taking recruiting into your own hands is this. Find a handful of schools that you are truly interested in and make sure that they have your intended major. Reach out to those schools to show your interest and see what you hear back. From there, it’s up to you!

Lastly, and most importantly, please make sure to fully understand that playing lacrosse at any level while currently attending school makes you a STUDENT-athlete. This is incredidbly important to understand. You are a student first, and an athlete second. That being said, if you find a school you truly enjoy, and feel you can make it into your home for the next couple of years but the program isn’t 100% up to your liking…that’s okay! Lacrosse is a piece of the puzzle to your college experience and should never be the ONLY reason you decide upon a place to continue your education and playing career.

Meet the Coaching Staff

Our experienced staff includes former players and current high school coaches who have a passion for the game of lacrosse.


At any point you can call the number above to speak with someone about your thoughts and help get the support you need to get you through to tomorrow.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide has become an alarmingly important topic since I started my coaching career back in 2009. It’s incredibly important to note that life has peaks and valleys, highs and lows, ups and downs. You are NOT alone when you are feeling the way you do at any point and time in your life.
As someone who has sadly dealt with too many suicide losses throughout their life, I can assure you of this. IT GETS BETTER. You are truly NEVER alone.

One lyric that I have seen referred to time and time again holds an incredible truth that I hope all people who reference this page may hold dear…“Just stay with me through one more night, because it’s always darkest before the light.”